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How I Control Pests at Home while living 
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Nota How I Control Pests at Home while living
Pests are living organisms that happen where they are not needed. Common household pests include ants, cockroaches, carpet beetles, silverfish, fruit flies, meal moths, stink bugs, and rodents.Gardens are prey to mites, moths, beetles, aphids, caterpillars, and rodents. Whether you’re fighting voracious caterpillars in your garden or bugs in your house, follow these steps to get rid of pests.

Here are some tips that can helps in getting rid of all kind of pests from you living space:
1- Identify the Pests
While the precaution steps are comparable for a wide range of bugs, you will need to concentrate on expelling specific kinds of sustenance (for example ready melon for natural product flies) or cleaning certain territories (vacuuming the floor covering for insects), contingent upon the irritation. In the event that you choose to utilize a pesticide, you should ensure it is reasonable for the bug you are attempting to murder.

2- Remove standing water.
Insects and rodents need water to survive.[1]
Keep your bathroom and kitchen areas as dry as possible.
Fix leaking pipes.
Don’t let water collect in trays under plants.
Don’t leave your pet’s water out overnight.

3- Keep your house clean and clutter free.
This will remove hiding places for insects, as well as removing their eggs.
Vacuum regularly. In particular, vacuum the affected areas using a crevice tool. Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed plastic bag, so no pests can escape.
Comb and wash your pet frequently. If it has fleas, talk to your vet about flea medication.[5]
Get rid of clutter where pests hide, such as stacks of newspaper, magazines, or cardboard.
Hire some cleaning company Dubai if you are living in UAE for your all kind of cleaning services..
Clean appliances by unplugging them and sweeping them out, vacuuming, then wiping down with a damp rag. Make sure to let the appliance dry completely before reconnecting the appliance to the power source.
Store clothing and linens in sealed plastic boxes or bags to protect them from moths and to remove homes for mice and rats.

4- Keep your yard free of pests by removing hiding places and breeding sites.
Piles of wood under or around your home attract ants. Tree clippings, fallen leaves or dropped fruit may harbor insects. Pet droppings attract flies. Standing water breeds mosquitoes.

5-Use pesticides if necessary to combat pest. Particularly on edible plants, you will want to use the least toxic pesticide possible to get the job done. Read the label to be sure you have the right pesticide and are using it correctly.
Pesticides labeled “broad spectrum” kill many pests, while those labeled “selective” work only against a few. Read the directions for use to be sure the pesticide will work for you. Consult with some pest control comapny that will provides you the best solution of Pest control Dubai.
Check the label for the “signal” word that indicates how dangerous the product is to humans.[21]
“Danger” means poisonous or corrosive.
“Warning” means moderately hazardous.
“Caution” means least hazardous.
Never dump leftover pesticides on the lawn, in the garbage or down the drain. Check with your public works department about how to dispose of them.

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I think your article mentioned a certain aspect of the problem. I think it has a lot more to study than that.
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